President Elect

Mr Shyam Divan

Senior Advocate | Supreme Court of India (INDIA)

Shyam Divan is a senior advocate and practices before the Supreme Court of India. His areas of practice cover constitutional law and most branches of civil litigation including banking, securities law, arbitration, administrative law and environmental law. 

He appears for citizens’ groups in environmental cases and assisted the Supreme Court as amicus curiae in the Bellary case involving illegal iron ore mining in the forests of Karnataka. 


S Divan, Profile

He received the 2021 International Privacy Champion Award from the Electronic Privacy Information Center for his role in a set of privacy protection cases.  

He is the co-author of Environmental Law and Policy in India (3rd Edition, forthcoming 2022) and author of the chapter on Public Interest Litigation in the Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution (2016).  
Mr. Divan was elected President Elect of LAWASIA in 2021.