The Region's Leading Legal Scholars

The LAWASIA Journal is a leading international, peer-reviewed journal with high circulation in the Asia Pacific region. It is one of the few regional journals to be included in the Society of Legal Scholars list of recommended journals for UK law libraries.

The Journal is published under the General Editorship of the Centre for Public, International and Comparative Law, TC Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland. The Editorial Board includes prestigious scholars and members of the judiciary from the Asia Pacific region.

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Inside the 2018 Journal

Refereed Articles

'Rethinking the Role of Corruption in West Papua: A Precursor to Crimes Against Humanity?'
Zoe Brereton

'ASEAN Regional Framework: The Potential of Protection and Repatriation of Cultural Property from Illicit Trafficking'
Peerapon Jaderojananont

'Integrity on the Line: Judicial Power over Elections in Papua New Guinea'
Graeme Orr

'Cross-Shareholding Issue in Vietnam's Banking Industry: A Review of the Development and Shortcomings of the Regulatory Framework'
Victor Tran

'Comparing the Australian and Chinese Approach to Defining 'A Terrorist Act': A Transnational Legal Comparison'
John Sutton

'China's New General Provisions of Civil Law: Changes and Advancements for the Better'
Wei Wen