Organisational Membership with LAWASIA

LAWASIA warmly welcomes applications from bar associations and law societies from the ESCAP region. Eligibility extends to all organisations approved by Council, whether or not they are the peak national representative body in a particular jurisdiction.

The process, under our constitution, is that the LAWASIA Council approves any applications for organisational membership.  Council will generally act on the recommendation of the LAWASIA Executive Committee (ExCo) which considers applications and generally submits its recommendations to Council for consideration at its annual meeting. It is possible, however, to accelerate this process where necessary.

Membership of the LAWASIA Council, which is the association's peak decision making body, is limited to predominant or co-predominant member organisations in each eligible jurisdiction.

However, the LAWASIA constitution also allows for non-predominant organisational membership by law associations that support its aims and work.  Member organisations in this category enjoy close access to decision makers and are well placed to actively participate in LAWASIA's activities. Non-predominant organisational membership is welcomed and encouraged.  Law associations such as the Law Society of New South Wales (Australia), the Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association (Japan) and the Seoul Bar Association (Republic of Korea) are examples of non-predominant member organisations of LAWASIA.

Attendance at LAWASIA events

With respect to attendance by member organisations at LAWASIA events, the current policy is as follows:

For Predominant Member Organisations, the listed President, Councillor or Alternate Councillor (or a nominated representative for these positions) can attend and register under the LAWASIA Council Member rate. This is separate to becoming a LAWASIA member.

Additionally, these member organisations are able to nominate up to 3 representatives to attend on behalf of their organisation and register in the category relevant to their jurisdiction for the member rate, even if they are not current individual members of LAWASIA.


To Make an Application:

Please contact LAWASIA in writing, advising of your request for admission to organisational membership and setting out basic details about your organisation, including:

  • its membership composition, whether members are primarily practising lawyers, what other persons are entitled to membership and how many members there are;
  • its structure and how it is governed;
  •  its aims and objectives;
  • its brief history; and
  • any other information you would like to supply in support of the application.

This information will allow the LAWASIA ExCo and Council to assess the application and determine the relevant annual fees against constitutional requirements.

We look forward to receiving your application and hope that this will be the beginning of a mutually productive relationship between LAWASIA and your organisation!

Download an expression of interest form here.