Post Pandemic Recovery & Sustainable Development

Along the Belt & Road

Saturday 17 September 2022


Post Pandemic Recovery and Sustainable Development Along the Belt and Road


Webinar hosted byLAWASIA One Belt, One Road Committee

Sponsored by:  Jincheng Tongda & Neal Law FirmThe Law Society of Hong Kong  

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Supporting Organisations: The Law Society of Hong Kong, the International Commercial Disputes Prevention and Settlement Organisation and the Subcommittee on Belt And Road of the Malaysian Bar Council International Professional Services Committee.

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LAWASIA One Belt, One Road Committee is pleased to invite the participation of members and legal professionals to join us for our upcoming webinar: Post Pandemic Recovery and Sustainable Development Along the Belt and Road on Saturday 17 September 2022.

At present, the world is facing unprecedented challenges and changes, including the COVID-19 pandemic which is, undoubtedly, a most serious threat to the well being of mankind. The world economy also suffers from the Ukraine crisis, disruptions of global supply chain, surging prices of bulk commodities and uncertainty of global financial systems. All these have badly affected the world economy in general, and the developing countries in particular.

The Belt and Road Initiative, which promotes connectivity, construction of infrastructure and communication facilities, coincides with objectives of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Cooperation along the Belt and Road should be facilitated not only as a response to post-pandemic recovery, but also as re-coupling measures for supply chains and renewal of sustainable development.

Law provides certainty and stability. A sound legal environment where national, regional and international legal systems encourage trade, investment, common development and provide fair and efficient mechanisms for resolution of cross-border disputes is required and necessary for post pandemic economic recovery and sustainable development .

This Webinar will offers a platform for lawyers from various jurisdictions of the Asia and the Pacific region to join and participate in discussions under the theme of Post Pandemic Recovery and Sustainable Development Along the Belt and Road.


Preliminary Programme

Session 1: Latest development of law and policy for sustainable economic development and for the Belt & Road construction

Session 2: Latest development of national, regional and international mechanisms for commercial disputes resolution

Webinar Details

Date: Saturday 17 September 2022

Cost: Complimentary


  • 16:30- 18:40 (Sydney / Melbourne)
  • 15:30- 17:40 (Seoul / Tokyo)
  • 14:30- 16:40 (Kuala Lumpur / Hong Kong / Beijing / Singapore)
  • 13:30- 14:40 (Hanoi / Phnom Penh / Bangkok / Vientiane)
  • 12:00- 14:40 (Delhi / Colombo)
  • 08:30- 10:40 (Paris / Berlin)
  • 07:30- 09:40 (London)

Speaker Panel


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Notes for attendees



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If you require a certificate of attendance, please email the LAWASIA Secretariat after the webinar:

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