Legal Events

Durham Global Environmental Law Lecture Series 2022-2023

3 October to 29 March 2023

2022 is the year of anniversaries of various significant international declarations and multilateral environmental agreements. These declarations and agreements address environmental issues at the global level and set forth fundamental principles and legally binding obligations of states.

These anniversaries include:

  • the Stockholm Declaration on the Human Environment of 1972
  • the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development of 1992
  • the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change of 1992
  • ¬†the Convention on Biological Diversity of 1992
  • and the Law of the Sea Convention of 1982.

The aim of the Lecture Series is to:

  • explore issues that are addressed in these declarations and agreements
  • ¬†understand the developments that have taken place since these instruments were adopted
  • and to examine the role they have played in judicial decision-making around the world.

In the Lecture Series, judges from around the world offer insights into the normative framework of Global Environmental Law from a variety of perspectives and jurisdictions. While the lectures are scheduled in UK time, they will be recorded will be available for those who have registered.

To register and for more details about the Lecture Series, please visit the Durham University website: https://www.durham.ac.uk/research/institutes-and-centres/csdlp/policy-engagement-and-impact/durham-global-environmental-law-lecture-series/geldj-series/