ExCo Member

Mr Yin Baohu

Director General | China Legal Exchange Center (CHINA)

Yin Baohu currently serves as Director General of the General Office of China Law Society. He is also the Secretary General of the Law Association for Relations across the Taiwan Straits and a part-time research fellow at Law School of Tsinghua University.

Mr Yin has Personal academic research fields and concerns include jurisprudence, international human rights law and law for relations across the Taiwan Straits.


B Yin, Profile

In 2014, Yin Baohu presided over the China Law Society's research on Legal Risks and Strategies for Economic and Trade Investment in Five Central Asian Countries, and has been well published on the websites of China Law Society and China News Review among others.
Mr Yin was elected to LAWASIA's Executive Committee by Council in September 2017.